88Mm Carbon Clincher Wheel Sets Features That Affect Performance

Physical exertion is important but even the most versatile of cyclists know that this is not enough to propel one to the top of the game. Therefore, having the right kind of equipment is vital to winning the race. In regards to this, the right set of wheels will mean more control and efficiency, better speeds, and above all comfort and safety. Overall, you get an outstanding biking experience.

Buying a good set of bike wheels is a worthy investment and the 88mm Carbon Clincher wheel set is worth every penny spent. The benefits of this set of wheels transcend from the wheels to other features and aspects of the bike and the riding experience as a whole.

Wheel Bearings

The bearing in these wheels are designed to cub loss of power due to frictional forces thanks to the innovative concepts behind the designs. A good example is the cartridge bearing which improved the riding performance by relying on light oils for lubrication, which is based on Human Kinetics research findings. This frees up the bearings generation lower friction thus speeding up the momentum 10 times compared to wheels that have cartridges with an inner shield.

You may think that new bearings are the perfect solution for a better and faster performance but that is not so. They tend to have more friction than what is evident in worn out bearings and seals. Human Kinetic findings suggest that worn out bearings are ideal for new race bikes since they have a lower friction.

The means that you need to keep your new bikes on the road, riding them and wearing them out before you actually settle to use them in any race. Therefore, do not keep the new bike parts in the store rather take them out for a test and have a feel of their performance. It applies to the 88mm Carbon Clincher wheels. This will help to assure that each part of the bike is in the best condition for the race. Knowing that to expect when riding gives you an added confidence and the advantage of adapting to any issues that may arise during the race. You will be in tune with the performance and benefits of using these wheels in any race.

The Gears and Chains

Besides the wheels, you also need to take note of the chains and gears. They also affect your riding performance. A lower power input is because of using chains and gears that are full of dirt. A 2% – 4% loss of energy is registered when using chains and gears that are clean and well lubricated; this is according to International Journal of Sports Biomechanics research done in 1986. Simply put, the chain and gears need to clean if you wish to see the full performance of the 88mm Carbon Clincher wheels, which should also be clean.

Small Wheels vs. Big Wheels

The smaller the wheels in terms of width the better the performance, which is a finding based on various wind tunnel tests. These wheels have a better build; they are sturdy, light, and ideal for a better uphill acceleration. They also offer a swifter handling of the bike in addition to the stability that comes with the use of the wheels. The cyclist is comfortable and able to handle the bike while riding fast in even the windiest of conditions. The only pitfall is rolling resistance of which big wheels address with ease.

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