Cervelo Soloist Road Bike

Cervelo have been making top end road cycles since the mid 1990s. With the founders of Cervelo being involved in road TT bike frame designs for pro teams for a number of years previous to the formation of Cervelo Bicycles. The Cervelo brand is very highly regarded within the cycling world having scored a number of successes on the pro circuit in a short space of time. Top of the Cervelo cycle range is the Cervelo Soloist, which is ridden frequently by the Cervelo Test Team and previously by Team CSC.

The Cervelo Soloist comes in three modes the Cervelo S1, which is constructed, from high-grade lightweight aluminum. And the Cervelo S2 and Cervelo S3 models, constructed from unidirectional high modulus carbon composite. All the bikes in the Soloist range have been designed for speed and many thousands of hours was spent in development for the distinct Cervelo Soloist aero frames. Voted by many the most appealing bike in the 2009 Tour De France, The S series continues to go from strength to strength helped by a number of high profile race wins.

The Soloist Frame Geometry is highly specialized and designed so that there is no need for custom frame building as done by many of Cervelo’s contemporary’s. In fact Cervelo claim that Six Cervelo Soloist frame sizes would cover 12 Frame sizes from other road bike maker, The Soloist frame is highly versatile with a unique 2-position design for Time Trials and Road Stages. There is always a debate as to what is the best road bike, with a number of the high-end road cycle makers competing for the accolade. To a certain extent there is not a lot to choose between top road bike models and makers but as an enthusiast my current favorite is the Cervelo S3.

Source by Steve Brig

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