Golden Labrador Retriever – General Information and Peculiarities of the Hybrid

Golden Labrador retriever is one of the many Golden Retriever Mixes. It is also called Labrador Golden Retriever or just Golden Lab. The same name sometimes is used for yellow Labradors, but it is not the subject of this article.

Although not recognized by purebred registries like AKC Labrador Golden Retriever is rather popular hybrid dog and there are many reasons for it. First of all both Labrador and Golden Retriever are extremely popular breeds both in US and worldwide. Second, they have a lot of similarities in character making them appropriate for crossbreeding. Finally, Golden Lab has a few interesting characteristics.

In most cases Golden Labrador Retriever inherits some appearance from Golden Retriever. This includes coat that can be both long and short but look more like Golden’s coat and is thick and shiny. The color of the coat may be yellow or brown and is normally inherited from the Labrador parent. The tail can be covered in long hair and curved. Head shape and a good muscular built are also more like the one Golden’s normally have. The dog usually weights over 50 ponds and is very strong.

Since both Goldens and Labradors are intelligent and obedient breeds, Golden Labrador inherited both of these traits. They are also great with children and other pets and love all family members as Goldens usually do. It is a very loyal family dog. However, Golden Labs are reported to be not as friendly with strangers as Golden Retrievers are.

They are very trainable and easy to socialize with people and other dogs. However, these natural abilities should be supported by efforts of the owner. Otherwise Golden Lab may grow up to be aggressive towards other people at home or shy and scared outdoors.

Labrador Golden Retrievers bark and bark loud. They like to bark strangers especially when they are near or in the house, but sometimes they may bark from the distance. They also have good chase instinct. In practice it means that they tend to chase cars and bikes. This habit should be eliminated while they are young, otherwise they may preserve it through entire life.

Golden Labradors shed a lot and require regular grooming (at least once a week) to keep shedding under control. This will also help to keep the dog’s skin healthy. They can be bathed regularly but some of them may not like or even be afraid of the procedure.

Golden Labs require regular exercises just like their parent breeds. Long walks, swimming, running and regular dog games that include chasing and retrieving are perfect for these dogs. And remember that exercises are necessary for the dog’s mental and physical health.

Health of Golden Labrador Retrievers is another issue to address. Both Labradors and Goldens have similar health problems (for instance hip dysplasia) so it is necessary to check both parents for the signs of hereditary diseases before breeding and ask for health certificates if you’ve decided to adopt a pup. However, in most cases Golden Labs have better skin health and less prone to allergies (except for dust allergy) than Golden Retrievers.

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