How a Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine Generator Works

A hybrid solar wind turbine generator is a reliable alternative energy source. It uses solar energy combined with wind energy to create a stand-alone energy source that is both dependable and consistent. Solar power and wind power are the two most available sources of power on the planet. Both are renewable energy sources that are plentiful all year round in all areas.

While solar power or wind power alone can fluctuate, when used together they provide a reliable source of energy. In many areas when the sun is strongest the wind speed is low and when the wind speed is highest the sun is often the weakest as in winter. The perfect solution is to combine these two forms of energy sources to create a constant energy flow. This hybrid system balances out the fluctuations in power to give a more even flow.

The hybrid solar wind turbine generator uses solar panels that collect light and convert it to energy along with wind turbines that collect energy from the wind. Solar wind charge controllers regulate the charging of the energy before it is stored in the battery banks. An inverter, located in the battery bank, changes the current from DC to AC. AC, or alternating current, is the type of power used in most homes and businesses.

The hybrid solar wind turbine generator provides low cost power. The power is reliable because it combines solar and wind power together. The operating costs are low compared with non-renewable sources. The use of the two sources – solar and wind – together help to give a stable energy supply to the batteries. When using exclusively one of the sources alone the batteries can become undercharged, when the source doesn’t produce enough energy to maintain the battery charge. To learn more about the hybrid solar-wind turbine generator and how it can provide you with a reliable power source visit

Source by Y. Tilden

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