Mini Choppers Are Super Cool Gas-Powered Scooters

To look at a mini chopper you might think you’re looking at a toy. After all, these are scaled down, mini motorcycles that look more like something for children than they do for adults. Some slower models are for kids between the ages of 12 and 14, but there are also models that go exceedingly fast that are intended only for responsible adults. No matter how small they seem, they are designed so that people 6′ tall and over can ride them in comfort. With reasonable price tags and lots of power, a mini chopper might just be the new ride you’ve been looking for.

The Super Fast Mini Chopper 125cc is one of the speedier models on the market today. It will travel at speeds of 65 mph and over. The straight up 4-stroke engine and oversized head are designed to deliver 8 horsepower which is a whole lot more than most automobiles have these days. The bike has front and rear hydraulic brakes, a 4-speed hand clutch, electric start, and gets as estimated 65+ miles to the gallon. A bike like this is truly everything you could want in style, power, and economy.

It doesn’t take much imagination, however, to know who makes the most popular mini choppers that are available today. It’s Harley Davidson, of course! Harley mini choppers are sleek and slim-lined, and they are designed to be ridden so easily that any novice will be able to operate them smoothly. A Harley mini motorcycle travels at a rate of speed up to 60 mph and has front and rear disc brakes for added safety. You’ll like the small two-stroke engine this bike has, because it allows the scooter to run more quietly than most gas-powered units, and you will also save a great deal on gas. This bike may be small, but it will carry up to 300 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Maybe you’d rather save a lot of money on labor by building a customized mini chopper yourself. You will find that there are numerous different kits you can buy online. Although these kits are designed and produced en masse, you can use your imagination to create unique features that will make your bike yours and yours alone. Parts in these kits come from high quality manufacturers, and if you have some basic mechanical skills, you should have no problem building your gas-powered scooter using the instructional CDs and manuals provided with the kits. This is a way to have a bike like no one else has.

Mini choppers are fun to design and ride, and they give you the best of all worlds. It’s no wonder they have become so extremely popular. If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive machine that’s going to get you where you’re going on a small amount of gas, you couldn’t make a better choice. Besides, you’re going to look so cool riding around on your mini chopper that everyone who sees you is going to want one, too.

Source by Paul Julian

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