Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven

When you first look at the Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven you will be taken back by its appearance. This is a good thing. The sides and top are black but the front is encased in a stainless steel shell. The Cuisinart name is prominently etched in the stainless steel front and center. Cuisinart is the leading manufacturer of products for the kitchen. When you have guests over they will see the name on this little toaster oven and will be impressed. You will be impressed with the Cuisinart TOB-155 yourself.

Cuisinart TOB-155 Features:

  • 6-slice toaster oven equipped with large 0.6-cubic-foot total capacity
  • Pizza/bake, broil, as well as toasted bread possibilities; bagel, reheat, along with defrost control keys
  • Tone or shade management along with heating indicator retains accurate oven temperatures
  • Digital touch pad control buttons; time clock and oven electronic timers; easy-to-clean inner surface
  • Has dimensions of 16 by 17-3/4 by 9-5/8 inches; 3-year limited warranty

The Cuisinart TOB-155 Offers Convenience

People purchase a toaster oven for the convenience. It takes time to warm up your oven. They allow you to cook, broil, toast or warm up food items much, much quicker. The

Cuisinart TOB-155 can toast bread faster than it would take your oven to preheat. Packaged food can be cooked and ready to eat in five minutes or less. You would spend more time than this at a drive through window.

Cuisinart TOB-155 Size & Weight

The Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven will not take up much space on your countertop. The depth is only 19 inches. Most counter tops are 24 to 25 inches. This gives you plenty of room to lower the lid and

place your food into the oven. The unit only weighs about 19 pounds. Once you set it up in your kitchen you don’t need to move it so the weight is not a factor.

Cuisinart TOB-155 Controls

Cuisinart has provided touchpad controls for this toaster oven instead of the dials and knobs found on its competitors. Most of us are use to using touchpad controls on vending machines, kiosks and other areas so making the transition to using them on a toaster oven is relatively straight forward. The touchpad control does have its weakness. If you want to just toast a piece of bread, you have to hit 4 buttons. This is kinda overkill but not enough to want you to ever go back to knobs and dials.


The Cuisinart TOB-155 can be used for a wide range of cooking activities. It is big enough to feed a small family. The oven has a.6 cubic feet capacity. In plain English that means it is big enough to cook a 12 inch pizza or toast 6 slices of bread. The unit has setting for pizza/bake, broil and toast. If you are having a big party over at your house, this unit is big enough to double as a 2nd oven when preparing the food. It can help in cooking appetizers while the main course is in your oven. After dinner it can easily handle heating up the desserts.

The Cuisinart TOB-155 can also be used to reheat leftovers. If you are cooking, it can help to defrost the meal before cooking. There is a timer on the unit so you do not overcook an item and it also has a clock.


I would be remiss if I did not point out how satisfied buyers are with their purchase of this product. Almost 92 % of buyers rate this oven either 4 stars or 5 stars. People are just happy with this product and you will be too. The Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven come with a 3 year warranty which is a nice bonus.

Source by Hugo T Reyes

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