Green Energy – What is it, What is it Good For and Why Do We Need It?

What exactly is meant by green energy? Green energy is energy that is produced so that it has less of an impact on the environment than traditional energy sources, such as the energy produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Creating energy by burning fossil fuels often has negative unwanted side effects, such as millions of tons of air pollutants spewed into the atmosphere by electric plants. Types of energies that people are generally referring to when using the term “Green Energy” are describing energy produced by wind, solar, hydro and geothermal processes. Some people even include nuclear energy in the discussion category of green energy. Others do not include nuclear energy because of the potential for nuclear accidents and environmental catastrophes.

Green energy is categorized as green because it is basically derived from renewable energy sources which produce much less of a pollution impact on our environment both in obtaining the energy source, and in using the energy source. If you would compare green energies to the fossil fuels of coal and oil, it becomes crystal clear the differences between green energy and fossil fuel non-green energy.

To convert coal into electricity for us to use in our homes and offices there are a negative environmental impacts. First, the coal has to be acquired. This usually means that it must be dug out of the ground in some manner or other. One of the ways that this is done, is with a technique called strip mining, which is a procedure that is very not nice to the environment. Once the coal is acquired by somehow digging out of the ground, it next must be burned at a power plant where the heat is used to create steam which turns turbines which creates electricity. Burning this coal, even the so called “clean” coal creates all sorts of air quality problems and some think leads to global warming.

When petroleum oil is used to fuel our cars, airplanes, trucks, trains, etc., there are a few instances where there is negative impact on our environment. First, the petroleum must be pumped out of the ground and transported to where it can be used. This entire procedure has great potential for environmental disaster from leaks from the oil wells and spillage from the shipping tanker carriers. Just take a look at the environmental disaster BP caused in the Spring-Summer of 2010 when they pumped millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico from their oil well and onto the shores of the southern United States. When petroleum is burned to power our cars, airplanes, trucks, trains, etc., there is another instance of negative environmental impact. These fuels do not burn cleanly. They dump carbon monoxide into the air that we breathe at an astonishing rate.

We need to convert to green energy for a number of reasons. First, we need to stop raping and pillaging our lands with the techniques that we use to get coal out of the ground. We need to stop burning this coal to create electricity and causing air pollution which not only effects every breath that we take, but also has a tremendous negative environmental impact on the entire atmosphere of earth. Second, we need to stop spilling oil into our seas and oceans, destroying our coastlines and killing countless number of sea life and sea birds. We need to stop burning all this petroleum to move our vehicles because of the negative impact to our air quality. Third, we need to stop using these fuels because to acquire many of them, we are having to deal with foreign countries that may not have the best interests of America foremost in their minds.

At present, we have the technology required that would allow us as a whole to use less fossil fuels and more green energy. We just need to insist that the conversion to these processes be started now so that we can make the switch to the greener energy as soon as possible. One way that we as individuals can help move this along is to add solar energy or wind energy to our homes and businesses. By doing so we can reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Source by Jim Hess

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