How Cutting Fuel Bills Can Help Save the Environment

Some people do not understand how cutting fuel bills in their homes and in their vehicles would be helpful for saving the environment. They think that “big” steps must be taken in order for things to change. But, it is the small steps that each person can take that really make a difference in the long run.

Just imagine if everyone in the US reduced the amount of gasoline that they used by 50%. That would amount to billions of gallons of gasoline every single year. US citizens use more gasoline than any other population. Some countries are catching up, but that’s not a good thing.

Solar-powered vehicles are still in the planning stages. Solar cells are not always able to collect enough energy to be long-lasting. For people that drive a lot at night, it doesn’t seem like an ideal proposal.

But, using water power does seem like an ideal plan for saving the environment. The conversion is simple and inexpensive. It works for any vehicle and when it comes to cutting fuel bills by 50% or more, there is no better alternative. Think about it.

Reducing the amount of oil or gas that you need to heat your home is another step that you can take. If you talk your friends into taking the same steps, then we are well on our way to saving the environment.

Some of the necessary steps for cutting fuel bills in the home are not that difficult. If your home is not well insulated, consider adding some insulation. The new “blow-in” types of foam insulation can be installed quickly and without damaging the interior of your home.

If you have fireplaces, be aware that you lose heat through the chimney, too. In some cases, it makes more sense to close up the fireplace than it does to use it.

If cold air is coming in around your doors or windows, consider more energy efficient windows and doors. The cost of installation is balanced by tax savings and lowered heating bills. Plus, you’ll be working on saving the environment, which is priceless.

Cutting fuel bills for your vehicle by 50% may seem like a pipe dream, but it can be accomplished relatively easily. You could buy a hybrid, but that could be an expensive choice. One of the things that many scientists are recommending is to convert to electric, solar or water power.

Converting to electric takes a bit of know-how and some vehicles are not easily converted. Depending on the weight of the vehicle, electricity may not be able to run it alone. But, the extra batteries could reduce the amount of gasoline that you use.

Source by Anthony Medina

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