Know What Cycling Gear to Use in Different Conditions

If you want to transform yourself from a weekend cyclist to a cycling superstar, you will need to know what cycling gear to use in different conditions. Dedication and hard training are undoubtedly a couple of the primary factors which determine whether someone can make it to the pinnacle of international cycling, but one factor which cant be discounted is cycling clothing.

Different cycling situations require different equipment, and the types of equipment will vary based on the length of the ride, climate conditions, or the terrain. So if you are looking for gear which can help you navigate rough terrain, extreme climate conditions, or a long excursion, then you must use the same gear used by the top-class cycling professionals.

A classic example of choosing the right cycling gear for climatic conditions, would be the choice between short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless cycling jerseys. All of these have distinct benefits and disadvantages over the other types.

Sleeveless cycling jerseys and short sleeve cycling jerseys are essentially the same, except for the length of the sleeves. Both of these types are suitable for warmer weather conditions, but they do have some minor differences. Many people prefer short sleeve cycling jerseys because they find them more comfortable and also more stylish, since the T-shirt type look is more natural to the eye.

On the other hand, some people do find the sleeveless cycling jerseys more comfortable. The comfort factor can also be affected by the relative humidity, and not having that tiny extra sleeve can be very advantageous for many riders in certain conditions.

Long sleeve cycling jerseys are designed specifically to keep the rider warm and dry. In colder weather conditions, the extra body coverage of long sleeve cycling jerseys comes in very handy when regulating the body temperature, and also provides increased protection from the rain, by keeping more of the body dry.

Choosing cycling gear to suit the environmental or physical conditions of a race isn’t limited to cycling jerseys either. Another few examples include cycling caps, knee warmers, arm warmers, and cycling jackets. Each of these has a specific benefit to the rider, whether it be during a cycling race or a training session.

Becoming familiar with the range of cycling gear available, and knowing what to use in different conditions is an instrumental factor in whether a rider can make it to the top level of cycling.

Source by Adam C Williams

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