Life Without Fossil Fuels

Can you imagine what life would be like without the use of fossil fuels? Let me start by explaining a little about what fossil fuels are.

In general, Fossil fuels are layers of plants and animals which have died millions of years ago, compressed and buried deep into the earth, through time to form sedimentary rock, such as coal, and liquid hydrocarbons such as oil or gas.

Coal is one of the first fossil fuels known to man, as has been used for a heating source, dating back to early 1600’s. Since its discovery, we have found many other uses, such as powering steam driven locomotives, and today is used in factories to help produce steel, concrete, paper, plastics, and most importantly “Electricity”.

Oil was said to be discovered by the Native Americans. This oil was found seeping to the earth”s surface, and was used for medicinal purposes. The first successful oilwell was drilled in Pennsylvania in 1859. This oil which was extracted, would find many uses, such as lamp oil. lubricants, and would later be used to power automobiles, trains, plane’s, and is still used for these and many other things, to this present day.

Natural gas was basically discovered in the same manner as oil, seeping up through the earths surface, producing the same foul smell comparable to rotten eggs. This resource once contained would be used also for lighting, cooking and heating, and today has globally become one of our main sources of heat.

So ask yourself, could we live without these precious fuels? What would our world be like if these resources had depleted and became non-existent? Each and everyone one of us uses fossil fuels, and the demand and production grows larger everyday. What if rising prices of these precious commodities becomes unaffordable to the average working class? Everyone in this world knows that prices for oil and gas are already increasing at an alarming rate, with no end in sight. Until some one discovers an alternative fuel sources, well fact is fact, we will always be dependent on fossil fuels.

On a positive note, perhaps the rising prices in today’s world is a sign that something new is around the corner. Governments and oil companies may be mass producing while the demand is still there. Maybe they know something we don’t. Transportation counts for 70% of all the oil we use and now the transportation industry is starting to evolve into a new era with the production of the hybrid vehicles. This is a very positive sign, and could be the stepping stone for many, to increase awareness of how the extensive use of fossil fuels, is impacting our environment today.

To conclude, “Fossil Fuels”, are a very important ingredient in our every day life, and we will always be dependent on them, but also new doors are being opened to lessen that dependency, and maybe one day the answer to my question, Can you imagine what life would be like without the use of fossil fuels? “Yes”.

Source by Jerome Exner

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