Pros And Cons Of Ativa Shredders

Ativa paper shredders brand are owned by Office Depot which markets and sells its products through an array of channels that include office supply stores, retail stores, catalogs, direct mail, Internet, direct sales to companies as well as collaborations as joint ventures for business abroad.

Ativa shredders primarily come in four different models that shred papers in two shapes – diamond-cut or cross- cut.

The diamond-cut shredding is considered to be more secure over the conventional cross-cut style. Further, the Ativa paper shredders can be categorized into two classes based on purpose of use:

1. Heavy-duty paper shredders

2. Medium paper shredders

Pros of Ativa Medium Duty Paper Shredders

The relatively economical Ativa paper shredders work well for home offices and have the following distinct advantages over others:

o They feed on paper easily and are also compatible with staples and credit cards.

o The scraps can be viewed in the see-through wastebasket.

o They are more secure owing to the diamond-cut patterns.

o Their cycle time prevents the risk of overheating.

o They include overload protection, manual reverse and auto start/stop in their features.

Cons of Ativa Medium Duty Paper Shredders

Carrying distinct advantages over other brand machines, Ativa paper shredders do suffer from the following:

o They have a tendency for occasional paper jams.

o Customers have reported some units that got conked out within the first nine months

o These shredders also have overheating problems despite the short cycle times.

o Some machines were noticed to have bent blades while shredding credit cards.

Pros of Ativa Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

The inexpensive Ativa heavy-duty paper machines are ideal for small offices and have the following advantages:

o They are large but affordable and can shred paper, CDS, credit cards and staples.

o They have large wastebaskets.

o Their cycle time prevents overheating.

o They feature overload protection, manual reverse and auto start/stop.

o They come with 7 years limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons of Ativa Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

The Ativa heavy-duty paper shredders have two notable disadvantages:

o They are quite loud machines.

o After the shredding, the jagged edges of CDs in the wastebasket have been known to tear the plastic and some cases reported damage within the first nine months (but these were exceptions).

The Quirks

The users of Ativa medium-duty paper shredders get irritated when they see the junk in the see-through wastebaskets. Although some users like it because it helps them to appropriately empty the wastebaskets. The medium-duty shredders are so easy-to-use that a child can use them and get injured.

One user of Ativa heavy-duty paper shredder was reported to the cops by his neighbors as he was making such a racket using the machine in his garage office at night.

To sum up, the Ativa range of medium duty paper shredders are appropriate for personal or home office use; on the other hand, the heavy-duty variety work well in small offices.

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