Anthony Ellis Gaining Mass Review

Is Anthony Ellis’s Gaining Mass program legit? Will it help you pack on pound after pound of lean body mass? How much muscle can I really expect to gain in 12-weeks? All of these questions will be answered in this Anthony Ellis Gaining Mass review.

If you’re interested in bodybuilding or fitness and you’ve spent some time surfing the net or browsing the fitness message boards, then you’ve probably come across Anthony Ellis’s Gaining Mass program. On his website Anthony claims to have gained 32lbs of solid muscle mass in 12-weeks. He details the exact exercise and diet plan that made this rapid muscle gain possible in his book.

I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical when I first discovered the Gaining Mass program and browsed Anthony’s website. If you’ve tried to gain weight before, then you know that 32lbs in 12-weeks is no small feat! Could it really be possible to gain so much muscle in such a short time period?

I researched Anthony and the Gaining Mass program for days reading tons of great reviews and user testimonials until I finally concluded that it was worth grabbing a copy of his program.

What’s nice is that Anthony has put together, not just a fitness digital e-book that you’re supposed to read on your computer (there’s a million of them out there!), but an actual physical 230+ page book, and a separate muscle gain workbook and fat loss workbook.

The main Gaining Mass book is very impressive. It’s well written, detailed, and all the points are backed up my scientific evidence! This is much more then I can say about the slew of junky fitness e-books out there.

As soon as you start reading the first few pages of Gaining Mass, you begin to realise that Anthony really knows what he’s talking about. This program is like no other muscle gaining program out there because it really is designed specifically for the “skinny guy” (or girl) who truly struggles to keep any weight on.

The advice given on everything from weight exercises, to cardio, to rest times, to dieting, and supplementation are all researched based and written with detailed reasoning as to why they’re important for skinny people.

The mass gaining portion of the program focuses on eating a healthy diet that is relatively high in protein and carbs and although supplements are suggested to aid in eating 6 full meals a day, they’re not required to succeed with this program.

The workbooks are great and you can take them with you to the gym to record your progress. The books contain complete workouts with all the exercises listed and the different exercise changes throughout the weeks and months ahead are also contained in each workbook.

If you have an ectomorphic body type (small wrists, very skinny, hard to keep weight on) then Anthony Ellis’s Gaining Mass book is simply a requirement if you want to succeed in gaining and maintaining lean muscle!

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