Equipment Used in Electric Motor Repairs

Rewinding and machinery fixing processes require the use of specific tools and equipment to ensure successful results. Whether the project involves an AC or DC machine, on an industrial or domestic scale, the mechanic will need to use equipment such as soldering and welding machines, dynamic balancers, vibration analysis tools and various replacement parts and standard mechanic’s tools. Some specially designed machines are available with matching repair equipment, such as automatic welding, cutting and banding machines, which are capable of providing exceptionally precise results.

This specialised equipment is the reason behind the expansive workshops that are often used for industrial electric motor repairs. Often the large lifting and positioning equipment used to give mechanics a good view of the damage they are working is purpose-built for a specific space and a range of different machinery applications. Professional workshops are sometimes built for one type of service in order to provide specialised care of a high quality. Smash response workshops, for example, will usually be fitted out with equipment such as power abrasives, auto pulling equipment, detailing tools, infra-red drying systems, and consumable supplies such as masking tape and paint.

The tools required for electric motor repairs and restorations can differ greatly in comparison. These can include aluminium burnout machines, armature winders, bar to bar testers, brazing machines, commutator grinders and dry ice blasters. Specialised equipment is often reserved for use on vintage and rare machines that require extra sensitivity and hard to source parts. Modern machines, however, are best suited to use with the most up to date diagnostic and project equipment, which is capable of producing the most efficient and economical results. For amateur mechanics without the expansive workshops, however, there are many small scale tools which form the basis of all engineering projects and can be used to provide good results at a slower pace.

Various hand-held tools are used in all sorts of different electric motor repairs and are considered indispensable in every mechanic’s tool box. These include items such as wire inserting tools, wire pressing tools, coil tying tools, slot scrapers, slot wedge shears, slot files, taping needles and slot cleaning torches. One of the most important hand held tools is the cable cutter, a simple but strong and versatile tool that comes in handy throughout most mechanical projects. Cable cutters are most commonly manually operated with a squeeze of the hand, but there are many more high tech options which can provide remote operation powered either by hydraulics or a robust battery.

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