How To Choose The Right Portable Generator

Portable generators can be used to power a variety of items and for a variety of situations. Campers can utilize them to power appliances, lights, charge cell phones, and so on. When you experience a power outage at your home, portable generators can have the ability to power your essentials and possibly more. Job sites utilize them to power equipment and tools.

If you are someone who needs another power source for whatever reason, then a portable generator makes a lot of sense. They are great to have on hand in case of emergencies, and almost everyone experiences power outages at some point in their homes. Before you purchase a generator, there are some things to be aware of first.

What Will it Be Used For?

When determining which generator to purchase, first you have to know what you are going to use it for. Are you going to use it on the job site, campsite, at home? If you want to use it to power equipment, then how much equipment will you want to use with it? Knowing what you want powered is critical because then you will know how much wattage your generator will have to come with.

Power Output

Portable generators vary significantly when it comes to power output. Some are built just to power accessories such as lights, radios, a computer, fans, and so forth. Those with over 5,000 watts are designed to power a home’s essentials, such as refrigerators, lights, appliances, and so on.

To figure out how much wattage your generator needs, figure out which items you want powered all at one time and add up their wattages. What you want to look at closely is continuous watts, or rated watts of portable generators. This is the maximum wattage that can be used while running, surge wattage refers to how much can be used at the start. Surge wattage is used when powering larger appliances.

For example, let’s say that you want to power a 100 watt light bulb, a 200 watt cooker, and a 1200 watt refrigerator that requires 2900 surge watts to start. Of course, you will probably want to power your television as well, which is another 750 watts. When you crunch the numbers, the total comes to 3950, so you will need a portable generator with at least that much wattage to power all these items simultaneously.

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