Only Heartfelt Enthusiasm Is Meaningful

It might seem strange and somewhat contradictory that someone, who for well over three decades, has professionally trained and consulted to over a thousand individuals in positions of leadership, as well as conducted hundreds of self improvement and motivational training programs, strongly believes that all enthusiasm is not created equal. Only when enthusiasm is heartfelt does it have any type of long term impact. When we observe attendees to training sessions, we invariably notice lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Somehow, the combination of group dynamics, excitement, and perhaps hype temporarily lifts many people out of their comfort zone, and brings out a positive aura, motivating attitude and willingness to open our minds to alternative approaches, in order to maximize and optimize our potential.

1. Unfortunately, many of the people merely feign excitement and enthusiasm, while maintaining resistance to giving into it. It often appears that many of us create a personal shell that permits looking enthusiastic, verbalizing excitement, while still internalizing a type of pessimism, resistance or disbelief. This becomes obvious when one looks at the different dynamics between the actual time of the presentation/ program, the immediate time afterwards, a short period after (usually a week or less), and a longer period out. Doesn’t that explain, at least partly, why we witness so many individuals who attend many of these types of programs, yet remain predominantly negative and near – sighted?

2. It is only when one makes an earnest attempt to improve and enhance his attitude do we observe real change. It begins on the depth of the initial enthusiasm. Is that true enthusiasm or simply a demonstration of a convenient persona? It is often said that you can learn a lot about someone by observing how they behave when they believe no one else is watching. How many times have you seen someone behave and/ or say something in public, while behaving quite a bit differently in private? Heartfelt enthusiasm accompanies a positive, forward looking, welcoming attitude. It means that someone is both willing and able to expand their personal comfort zone, and, at least, listen with an open mind, to alternatives and other points of view,. When one is genuinely enthusiastic, he maintains this positive approach for the longer term.

Enthusiasm has little meaning when it is make believe. When it is not one’s true feelings and belief, it loses its impact and significance, and becomes merely a pretense at best, and a contradiction or personal lie/ denial at its worst.

Source by Richard Brody

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