Quest For Life (QFL) Ozone Ionization Breathe Pure Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Quest for Life is a company out of South Plainfield, New Jersey. They carry air purifiers under the Breathe Pure brand. Breathe Pure air cleaners use active purification technology like ozone and ionization to clean the air. The Breathe Pure QOZO500 puts out 500 mg/hr of ozone. It covers 2,500 square feet and costs 6.8 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. It costs $1689.02 to use over 10 years.

The Breathe Pure is an example of a group of air purifiers that people generally refer to as an ionizer. This is not an entirely correct term but it’s the popular term. It is not correct because this air cleaner also puts out ozone. But the popular use of the term assumes that all ionizers put out ozone and this is not the case. The combination of ozone and ionization into a single air purifier were the early models of active purification. They were designed with the idea that it would be beneficial to be able to clean air where it is at in the environment instead of requiring it to pass through a filter to get cleaned.

The goal of these types of purifiers was to increase efficiency and eliminate costly filters. These types of purifiers were popularized in the 60s through the 80s with books like “The Ion Affect’ which promoted the health benefits of negative ionization. As a whole, these systems are affective at some particle removal and are excellent at odor and gas oxidation.

The Breathe Pure has an MSRP of $299.00 and is competitively priced with its competitors in the industry. It only carries a one year warranty but we already calculated the costs of replacements into the total costs. It may present some quality and functionality issues because of the low warranty. But it should provide the performance people are looking for when purchasing one of these systems at a bargain price.

There will naturally be competitor models that are top-tier quality, that will also be competitive with the Breathe Pure’s costs so its essential to research your options before buying. As a whole, this is a system that can deliver what it promises for a good price.

Source by John Paul Kane

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