Reverse Genie Review

Are you trying to locate personal information about a person? I know and have used one reverse records directory called Reverse Genie. It has a collection of telephone numbers and relevant details of the person you search for. You search for the records of any person by inputting a telephone service number in order to retrieve your customer details. Using this service, I have been able to find many relevant details regarding my employees.

Reverse Genie uses a point system. When you join up as a member, you’ll be allocated a fixed number of points. You’ll only pay for the information you want through the point system. If you finish using up all the points and you need more, you can just purchase more at a lower price.

Reverse Genie returns fast and precise information, regarding much relevant information about my contact. These details included phone and cell phone records, email and IP addresses, background checks, criminal history and bankruptcy reports. Some information that could not be found included financial and credit card data, which is expected since such data are very sensitive and confidential.

You’ll need to be careful of what you do with the information in Reverse Genie. The information cannot be used to locate loved ones, friends or family for personal reasons, and not for criminal purposes obviously. Please make sure that you read the FAQ in Reverse Genie before you purchase its membership.

Despite all the good parts I like about Reverse Genie, I felt that their points system could be further improved. For example, when I did a wrong search with it, my points got deducted and there was no way to reverse it. To prevent such errors, you will need to double check that all the details that you input are correct before confirm the search

Overall, I found Reverse Genie to be a good records finder after using different reverse records directory on the internet.

Source by Lee Richter

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