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Do you want to tone your body, lose a little weight, or just workout from home? Bodylastics is a type of equipment you can get for your home. Before you make a purchase though, you will want to know what it can do for you. Bodylastics is a fitness system akin to the Total Gym, but for less money. Since 1998, Bodylastics has become more popular. The design is from Blake Kessel, who created a system of resistance bands for the arm and leg exercises you perform in a health club.

What Makes Bodylastics Unique

Advertising of the system states it has 140 popular health club exercises that can be done on this one machine. The system is made up of elastic tubing and bands, which are connected with a series of clips. It allows for different levels of tension to be reached.

Bodylastics is also unique in that it is lightweight. It is easy to move around your home, and even so that it can be stored. In fact the system weighs less than 2 pounds. You can pack it in a gym bag if you want to take it with you to work or on a vacation. Not only is the system easy to carry and store, but it is a lot more affordable than other systems available.

When Bodylastics is used it gives you the same results free weights offer. There are two different systems to purchase. The Basic Tension and Max differ in the number of elastic bands, which will vary the routines you can perform. The cost for Bodylastics is typically under $60. The manufacturer even supplies a lifetime warrantee for their product in case any parts are defective.

Advantages of Bodylastics

Bodylastics is lightweight and portable. It comes with a DVD for instructional use making it safe for anyone to use. Throughout the video you are shown how to do a variety of exercises working every muscle group in the body.

There are some disadvantages to Bodylastics. First it is not for cardiovascular exercise, and you will have to invest in learning the exercises before you begin working out. The best way to work the system is with a regular exercise routine.

The conclusion reached is that Bodylastics is an effective method for keeping you in shape. It will not be the best weight loss option on the market, but it certainly keeps you toned. Through a proper workout schedule you will see weight loss on top of the muscles you build.

You do not want to wait to try this product. With the inexpensive price tag and effectiveness of the exercises you will learn from the video you can start improving your image in a matter of days. You do want to consult a physician before you start a concentrated workout routine to discuss the areas of your body you want to work on. The instructional video is also immensely important when it comes to performing each exercise properly to avoid any injury.

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