The Snugglette

The makers of the Snuggie have done it again and have introduced to us a brand new product called the Snugglette. As its cute name leads us on to believe, it is a kids only version of the ever popular fleece blanket with sleeves we have all come to know and love. Despite the fact that the original Snuggie is said to be “one size fits all” it became obviously apparent that children were having a rough time fitting into the original blankets, hence the birth of the Snugglette. Some disambiguation is required as there is another product from the same company called the Snuggie for Kids, however, just because the names are different the products are still one in the same with each other.

The Snugglette

This comfortable fitting blanket is available in pretty pink and royal blue. The quality of the material and the richness of the color are no different then that of the original fleece blanket with sleeves and offers the same amount of warmth and mobility. One of the strongest points about this blanket is that it is machine washable, and most importantly, it is durable; after many washes the blankets material will not begin to fade nor will the durability of the blanket become compromised in any way. This is a true blessing when it comes to kids because they tend to find ways to become dirty and do things to clothes that makes any persons head spin at times. Since these blankets are so cheap but of such high quality and durability, they practically pay for themselves over time and wash after wash.

Snugglette Slipper Socks

Every order of a one of these blankets for kids comes with an additional pair of slipper socks. They are called slipper socks because unlike regular socks, the bottoms of these have another type of material added that serves to help your child’s feet grip the floor better; this way if they are running around playing you do not have to worry about them tripping or their feet getting cold. The addition of these socks was the absolute most perfect thing any Snuggie owner could ask for as it provides head to toe warmth without having to sacrificing any other body parts to the cold.

It only keeps on getting better with the Snugglette as now when you take advantage of the “buy one, get one free” offer you get two extra sets of matching slipper socks for free as a gift.

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