UGLu Adhesive

OASIS Design Directors Mario Fernandez and Loan Burke launch UGlu, a terrific way to look into your own creativeness and come up with some really awesome ideas that could impress your friends and relations, as well as show your house an extra individual look. UGlu happen to be adhesive strips along with dots you can use to embellish your pots plus accent pieces; they assist to connect the accessories you intend to use, on to the needed work surface. Excellent new adhesive in the simplicity of tape, just peel and push no mess, no procrastinate with no problems. Water resistant, non-stick and also safe and sound for the kids. Sticks to every thing but your fingers.

UGlu will come in strips and also sheets. You don’t really need to watch for it to dry; just rub down the outer lining which you are likely to position the UGlu, using rubbing alcohol. Offer this time to dry out, and after that you are able to connect all of the UGlu and finally put the accent you would like. You can easily get rid of too; just pry out a good edge and pull that towards the adhesion. Not like any other adhesive sold in the market, UGlu comes out effortlessly and also smoothly free of leaving any deposits on top.

You can use UGlu to attach beautiful colored beaded wires all-around a vase to give it a lighter look. Due to the fact UGlu is actually translucent, it does not display through a clear jar. You may also perform designs on the inside vases and canisters because UGlu is actually water-resistant plus it keeps its adhesion level of quality no matter if submerged in water. UGlu is effective not simply on glass surfaces; they are an excellent option for attaching frills to corsages also!

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