Windrigger From Schwinn – Another Popular Air Rowing Machine

If you are looking for an outstanding rowing machine known for top of the line technology, you should take a look at the Windrigger rowing machine. This machine uses patented Fanwheel technology that delivers more resistance and cool air the harder you work out. This rowing exercise machine is perfect for both beginning and advanced users. The Windrigger is Schwinn’s company entry into the rowing machine market.

The Windrigger rowing machine allows the user to get both an aerobic and a cardiovascular workout at the same time. The machine boasts both the Fanwheel technology and an onboard digital computer that displays how many meters you have been able to complete, your target speed, your actual speed, how many calories you have burned, and strokes per minute. The machine also evaluates your performance and it shows your results for your fitness program.

A second stage belt is a part of the machine, allowing quiet and smooth operation. This home rowing machine will get you into shape, improve your muscular strength, energy levels, overall fitness, and helps you reduce your body fat. The machine’s frame has two different positions that allow the user to get a more demanding workout for both their abdominal and hamstring muscles. This exercise machine only weighs 112 pounds, and can accommodate a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. It is also a very compact rower having the dimensions of 82x23x30 inches which is a good thing if you have space constraints.

Rowing machines offer low-impact exercise, which has a low chance of damaging your joints. While this exercise equipment is great for beginners, it is also an outstanding air rower for professional or advanced rowers. The Fanwheel technology allows you to adjust the resistance easily, just by working out harder or easier. No matter what your experience level is with rowing machines, this machine will fit you perfectly. And the best thing is that it comes with a lifetime frame warranty.

The Schwinn Fitness Company was founded in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1935, the company introduced the Cyclelock, which helped prevent bicycle theft. As the company expanded, so did their fitness equipment. In 1978, the company introduced the Airdyne stationary bike, which also introduced the excellent Fanwheel technology. In 1998, the company introduced the Fitness Adviser system, which allows health clubs to assess data interactively, increasing productivity.

Source by Charles Henderson

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