7 Seater Cars: A Rant About SEAT Alhambra

Introducing the 7 seater car – SEAT Alhambra

SEAT originated from Spain; and happens to be one of the renowned automobile manufacturer. Among the 7 seater MPV manufacturers, the SEAT company has its name on top. Presently the SEAT company is owned by the Volkswagen Group. 7 seater MPV SEAT Alhambra was first introduced to market in the year 1996 by the SEAT company and has evolved twice in two generations. The name of the car is inspired by the famous monument of Spain; the Alhambra Granada. The two models of this particular car were all built n Portugal.

Currently this particular car has a lot of demand in the 7 seater cars market. Statistics speaks the history; as the SEAT Alhambra has sold more than 250,000 units worldwide since it was first introduced in the market.

Time-line of 7 Seater Vehicle SEAT Alhambra

1st Generation

The first generation of this car can be termed between 1996 and 2010. It was in the Geneva Motor Show of 1996 when the first generation of this 7 seater MPV was introduced and was named the MK1. It went for sale from the same year. For next four years, the SEAT company didn’t bother much about redesigning the car or releasing a better version until 2000. In 2000 the SEAT Alhambra received major design changes but the original style was retained. The first generation of the cars were featured with the detachable rear five seats. The removal of the rear seats introduced ample space in the car. A lot of luggage could be accommodated in this space. This facility was featured only in the SEAT Alhambra car and no other cars from SEAT. This was one more reason why people loved this 7 seater vehicle. Talk about space; the car scores around 2610 liter space when 2 seats out of 7 are laid, and 852 liter space with 5 seats laid and with all 7 seats are laid it scores 256 liter. The company also released an environment friendly version of this car; the SEAT Alhambra Ecomotive which managed to emit only 159 grams of Carbon Dioxide per km.

2nd Generation

The second generation of this 7 seater car has been very recent. April 2010 marked the beginning of the second generation of SEAT Alhambra car. The car has been for sale since Oct 2010. In dimensions, the newer 7 seater MPV is longer than the previous car by 22 cm and is also 9 cm wider from the previous car. The middle row seats of this car don’t have an opening door, but instead have a sliding door.

Features of This 7 Seater MPV

SEAT Alhambra features all that is expected out of a 7 seater MPV car; and you won’t be disappointed by it. The car features perfectly proportioned and streamlined exteriors and the interiors and suits the requirements of the 7 seater car fans. Engine features TDI and the TDI units and these happen to be incorporated with the direct fuel injection system and also the Turbo Charging system. The TSI engine unit is capable of delivering 150 PS and on the other hand, the TDI engines delivers 170 and 140 PS respectively. A lot of energy is wasted while starting/stopping and braking the cars. And the SEAT company has been busy for years trying to juice efficiency out of this situation. This improvement also helps in the reduction of CO2 emission. With the energy saved and smoother combustion; you are sure to have a comfortable and smooth ride. An SCR catalytic converter has been incorporated in the TDI version of the 7 seater Alhambra and this makes the diesel version of this car lists this car among the cleanest 7 seater MPVs.

When it comes to steering of the car; you won’t have any problems because all the models of this car are featured with the radio controls, cruise control units and power steering. You even get a CD player along with the car that can play MP3. You can set different temperature for the passengers and the driver using the 2-zone climatronic device included in this car.

The Seating Arrangements

As we discussed above; nothing can beat the ability to adjust all the seats. Whether or not you have 7 people in the car; you can always find a use for the space that is available in this 7 seater car. Its either a car filled with 7 people, or a car filled with room full of bags; both are a good situation to be in. A special built in booster cushions are used for the second row of seats which enables the seat to be adjusted to various levels. Thanks to the sliding doors provided; you can easily access any of the seat row of the car.

Accessories Included

The vehicle isn’t deprived of any accessories, and hence you will get plenty of them. The car is automatically warranted for 2 years but the same can be extended for 1 more year. SEAT allots an approved technician to integrate the accessories into your car. There are chances that accessories could be included in the SEAT’s Finance agreement.

Safety Features of this 7 Seater Car

Whichever car you shall buy; you would always look for the comfort and security; especially the security. SEAT has considered all the woes of the customers and has ensured latest technological measures in the latest SEAT Alhambra. Electric Stability Programme (ESP), Emergency Break Assistance (EBA) and the ABS are included in all the models of the SEAT Alhambra. If times are wrong and you are forced to put a complete break to the car, ABS takes care of passing an additional signal to the braking system requesting complete halt of the vehicle. ESP listens to the changes happening int the ABS, accelerator and the brakes along with the steering wheel and takes additional action that is required.

Traction Control System implemented in this 7 seater takes care of preventing skids of the wheel. Usually the big cars’ rear slips and slides when a break is applied, but the Electronic Brake Force Distribution or shortly called as EBD takes care of diminishing the fading of brakes and prevents the car from slipping.

The Performance and Price Factor of SEAT Alhambra

At a price tag of £21,000, we can say that this particular seven seater MPV isn’t priced very high. The current versions weigh lesser than the previous ones.

But if you are ready to shell out higher amounts of money, you will have the luxury of having sliding rear doors, sunroof built with panoramic glass that opens up the front pane and the tailgate that is power operated along with the upholstery made of pure black leather; and if you desire entertainment, then you can opt for SEAT media system combined with the route guidance system. You can even go for the rear view camera and the twelve way front seats that can be adjusted electronically.

Disadvantages of the SEAT Alhambra

Nothing is perfect; and so is the case with SEAT Alhambra. Few of the glitches that might trouble you are like this; the ready to ride cars from SEAT sometimes have faults in the doors; windows; brakes and few of the versions have electrical problems. These are manufacturing defects which can be brought into notice of the seller and he should be able to take it from there. But again; the whole process is a little irritating if it were to happen to you.

Lets Conclude

If you are one among those who are hungry of space in their 7 seater MPV, and are in need of ability to change the seating availability at your will, and if you want all of this at a reasonable rate; then 7 Seater Car SEAT Alhambra is the one you should go for. Please also note that the seats are reversible which can add a lot to the party. The increased sales number of this car is a single pointer showing that the car has what customer needs.

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