Helium Powered Car?

Ever wonder what they will think of next? We are all about ready to go out and put our names on one of those lists to get a Hybrid Car due to the these fuel prices at the pump and then someone comes along and yells; “Wait, have you heard of Thermoacoustic Propulsion?” No, as a matter of fact most of us haven’t thank you very much as we hang up the gas pump and look at that total and cringe as we get our automated receipt from the Kiosk pump at the station. My gosh that hurts. That much just to put gas in my vehicle; “I hate OPEC,” you say and think to yourself the unthinkable; “Let’s just Nuke the Middle East and Take the G-Damn Oil!”

Well it may in fact be a ways off and never get to market, but there is a new engine being tested now, which could power cars, and it has no moving parts. It runs by “thermoacoustics” it works by applying external heat to a cylinder or tank with Helium gas inside, as the gas heats up it from the acoustic waves it makes enough heat to make steam and then it is used to generate electricity.

The resulting pressure fluctuations works off vibrations at about 80 Hz. This sound is converted into electricity, through steam. A microphone like devise, electo-acoustic transducer produces the sound waves. A 700 watt prototype works great, and can be used to power cars without batteries, therefore no need to discard old batteries which cannot be charged, therefore electric cars without residual pollution later. We may never see it due to strong lobby efforts in the Oil and Auto Industry but I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

Source by Lance Winslow

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