AIMS PWRINV12KW24V 12,000W DC to AC Power Inverter, 24 VDC to 120 VAC

The Aims Corp has produced a modified sine inverter that boasts to be the best yet in its range. The power inverter is also the best value for performance in the market, so why would we need an inverter like this one? There are many times when you would need to convert from a direct current to an alternative one and the AIMS PWRINV12KW24V 12,000 watt DC to AC Power Inverter would pretty much be a solution with its 12,000 watts continuous power.

Most vehicles you will see on the road today as well as motor homes, caravans and trailer homes gets its power from a 12-volt battery, in many cases it may have to have a 24 volt powerful battery. The AIMS PWRINV12KW24V 12,000W DC to AC Power Inverter is a 24-volt system that is incredibly small considering its power. This power inverter weighs in at just 21 pounds and measures no more than 20 inches long and seven inches wide. This makes the unit very portable and easy to lift and carry.

If you need an emergency back up power supply, this inverter should easily do the trick. For an item that is portable it is reliable, consistent, efficient and as we have already mentioned, very powerful. It is important for you to know what your vehicle, trailer home or van uses in terms of voltage, because the inverter’s voltage you select or buy should match the battery’s voltage.

The AIMS PWRINV12KW24V 12,000W DC to AC Power inverter is ideal to be used as a back up source of power as among its many features it provides a continuous power of 12,000 watts and a modified sine wave which uses the a soft start technology commonly known as Pulse Width Modulation. But in either way this inverter will provide you with a direct current whenever you require it. This indicates that the current will flow continuously from the – (negative) terminal of the battery, through the fully joined circuit and then return to the + (positive) terminal of the battery.

When a flow is only in one direction it means it is a direct current (DC). All batteries have this ability to provide a direct current whenever it is demanded but the AIMS PWRINV12KW24V 12,000W DC to AC Power Inverter can switch over to an alternative current when required. So that you can have AC current to run all of your alternating current articles.

Source by Mark Andrew Plummer

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