Bush Furniture Sonoma TV Stand – What Size Do I Need?

The bush furniture Sonoma TV stand is a great addition to any decor, but with any TV stand, sometimes choosing the right size for your needs can become a real challenge.

The small sized bush furniture TV stand is able to accommodate most 27″ inch conventional televisions that weighs up to 95 pounds, or a 37 inch flat screen monitor that weighs up to 75 pounds plus the peripherals.

If your television is at the upper limits of these specifications, you may want to consider the next size bigger stand, because even though your television fits within the specified capacities, your TV stand may “Look” too small compared to your Television and create a clash with your surrounding decor.

For decor purposes, it would be better to have a stand that is slightly too big for the television than to have a television that is slightly too big for the stand, you can always add more decor to take up empty space and make the stand seem smaller.

Probably the most popular size is the medium sized bush furniture Sonoma TV stand and it can accommodate up to a 240 pound, 36 inch conventional television or many of the 50 inch flat panel televisions that can weigh up to 117 pounds plus the added peripherals.

While going up to the next size bigger stand is a great idea if your television is on the border line of capacity, there is also a point where the stand is just too big and the extra space (even if decorated with nick-knacks and odds-and-ends) will dwarf the television screen and make it “seem” even smaller than it is.

You will probably not want to put a 19 inch conventional or flat screen on a medium or large size TV stand unless you are planning on getting a larger TV in the near future, since this would be over-kill of your TV stand and your television screen would appear to be even smaller than it is.

But for someone with a very large television, the large size bush furniture Sonoma TV stand can hold up to 154 pounds of the nicest flat panel monitors ranging up to 60 inch screens plus peripherals or even a 240 pound 36 inch conventional TV.

While all three sizes of this beautiful furniture can accommodate a wide range of television sizes, each also has their own features and benefits.

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