How To Trim Evergreen Shrubs To Make A Hedge

Evergreen shrubs and bushes can easily be turned into a garden centerpiece by knowing how to trim them efficiently. Hedges not only as excellent for small borders and dividing a landscape up but they also keep bicycles, animals and intruders from your property. They are excellent when planted near walkways, sidewalks, around swimming pools or near unsightly areas such as gas tanks and outdoor grills and lounge areas giving ample privacy.

Gas powered shears is by far the easiest way to trim your evergreen shrubs to make them into hedges. Most people choose square box shapes to mold their hedges. With gas shears not only can you glide the shears very rapidly across the tops and sides in a straight row to form the square look but you can do this very straight and even whereas with hand trimmers it it a very slow process.

Simply power on your trimmer shears, visualize the desired height of your desired hedge and go in a back and forth motion in straight lines to shape your hedges in an even line. Use the same method when trimming the sides and edges of your bushes also to form box shapes. Apply the power shears in an up and down motion when trimming on the sides and edges. When trimming the tops go back and forth. Trim the edges in slanted swipes and make them uniform with the length of the top and sides of the evergreen shrubs.

Top evergreen shrubs to make out of a beautiful hedge is the privet shrubs. The California privet is a favorite because it’s super hardy and is compact and tight limbed and makes excellent borders and hedges. Privet also exceed most shrubs heights giving you more privacy at heights of 6 feet. privet shrubs not only as easy to grow, they are not extremely thick and can be sheared very easily with electric or gas shear trimmers.

Another homeowner’s favorite for an evergreen shrub hedge are the boxwood shrubs. From the lighter green colors of the American boxwood to the deep green and smaller dark green luster leaves of the English boxwoods, they are both excellent for serving the purpose of creating a nice hedge or border in your landscape garden. However, the boxwood are super thick and dense, they usually do not exceed heights over 4 feet in height. Yet they are so traditional most love them because of their classic beauty.

You can find a lot of tree nurseries with evergreen shrubs for sale at affordable prices by searching online. Try to choose bare root dormant evergreen shrubs to buy because you not only save money on buying online from a grower, you can save by not buying the container and shipping is much more economical without a container and the excessive soil.

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