Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 20-5103 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

If you are a golf lover and want to win the game easily, choose Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 20-5103 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Because it helps you avoid yardage mistakes, improves your score and makes you a winner. It’s a good laser rangefinder with digital technology. This technology enables the laser rangefinder to provide you accurate distance measure form 5 to 1,500 yards.

The PinSeeker laser rangefinder works fast and shows you the exact range to +/- one yard. Its features are superb optical quality, selective targeting modes, Bushnell’s Rain Guard coating and water proof construction. The laser rangefinder also has a mode button. This allows you to use the rangefinder in one of the 3 modes. These modes are no PinSeeker, PinSeeker with slope compensation and PinSeeker.

Using the Bushnell rangefinder is easy. Switch it on, direct it towards the flag or anything you need to measure the distance. Then push the button until it hooks on to your target and measures the distance. You’ll have the correct distance within a second.

Though you feel tremor or shaky while acquiring the reading, the PinSeeker software helps you get the right measure. Soon after, you can have reading of degree angle or the slope in the view finder just below the first yardage number. Below that find the final compensated yardage which helps you to pick the appropriate club. When you select the appropriate club, almost half of the job is done well. This laser rangefinder also helps you rise your performance levels. And it will be an advantage on the driving range.

Therefore, it’s going to be a good investment. You’ll find the Bushnell golf laser rangefinder worth of your investment. Finally, with this information you can buy the Bushnell PinSeeker Golf Laser Rangefinder to have an easy win over your challenger.

Source by Jerry A Taylor

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