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By now most of us have seen the television commercials for the “amazing” Fushigi magic gravity ball. The word fushigi (pronounced foo-shee-gee) is Japanese for wonder, miracle, or mystery. Indeed when you watch a person with the magic gravity ball, what the ball appears to be doing makes you wonder how it is possible. Does this clear ball truly defy gravity? Well, I for one would hope if gravity defying were possible, scientists would have used the technology for more than a toy ball! So no, the Fushigi magic gravity ball does not defy gravity, but it is still a pretty interesting and fun new product.

These magic balls are used in the performing art of contact juggling, which is thought to have been originated by Chinese acrobats more than 200 years ago. It became more popular, though, after the movie Labyrinth was released in 1986. In that movie, David Bowie’s character appeared to levitate crystal balls around his body. Despite this strong history, the design of the Fushigi (patent pending) is new and unique. Part of the secret is that the Fushigi magic gravity ball is actually a ball inside a ball. The inner ball is layered with acrylic, which gives it the reflective property of a sphere, and actually eliminates a lens type look that other contact juggling balls have. Every Fushigi magic gravity ball is hand made individually.

Good news is that this device used by performing contact jugglers is now available to the general public. Although it should be noted that the company recommends it for ages 12 and older only. When you purchase the Fushigi magic gravity ball, you also get an instructional DVD that hopes to teach you the moves and help you look like the experts on the commercial and in the video on the Fushigi website. The simpler tricks like the palm spin, the levitation, and the enigma, are claimed to be easily learned within a week. The body roll and pyramid (which involves multiple manipulations) are more complicated stunts that come with more practice. There are 3 inch and 4 inch magic gravity balls available, as well as minis.

Because the look of the Fushigi ball is crucial for the appearance of the tricks you do with it, proper care is imperative. You should always practice over carpeting so that if it drops, damage can be avoided or minimized. Although the ball will not shatter, it can be scratched or chip. You can fill these with a minimal amount of nail polish, but that could change the look of your illusions.

The Fushigi magic gravity ball is not available in stores. You can order it online or by phone at the price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling, and the DVD is included in that price. Get one, or a few even, and you can have your friends convinced that you know how to defy gravity!

Source by John Chevin

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