NRG Energy Potato Chips

This is my very first review of an energy food, and it’s definitely an interesting one. Potato chips? Yes ma’am. This will kind of be a two for one review; NRG’s as a chip, and NRG’s as an energy product.

As a chip, they’re a fairly basic as spicy potato chips go. The heat alone ought to be enough to wake you up, and probably make your nose run as well. Mine ran a 4.3 40. They’re rippled potato chips (think Ruffles), always slightly over cooked; all Golden Flake chips are, it’s their thing. The heat is on top of a ‘barbecue’ base flavor; again pretty basic stuff. It’s good, but really nothing super special.

Now the part you want to read. The energy enhancement ingredients, and do they work? Yes, they certainly do. Especially if you down the entire 3.5 ounces (an actual serving is just 1 ounce). ‘Can you taste the chemicals?’ Amazingly, not one bit. Caffeine is bitter, but the heat and other flavorings were so over powering that there was not even a hint of a medicinal aftertaste. Same goes for the taurine and B Vitamins I guess. Not sure what they’d taste like by themselves, but I’m sure they’re not very appetizing.

You want some numbers? Sorry, I cannot give them to you. Not because I don’t want to; I’m quite curious myself, but Golden Flake is staying mum on how many milligrams of ‘enhancers’ the chips have per serving, only saying it’s comparable to a cup of coffee. You do get a confirmed 80% of B6 and 100% of B12. Vitamins in potato chips? Has the world gone mad?

Fat and calorie wise, NRG’s are all potato chips. 140 calories and 9 grams (3g saturated, 0g trans) per ounce. Not horrible, but could always be better. Use these as a lunch replacement/pick me up in a pinch, maybe? That’s all up to you and your personal diet allowances.

Availability is limited to the south east United States, but they’ll ship you a case if you’re interested in buying them in other areas of the country. If you’re really nice and contact them, they may even send you a sample. No promises though. Otherwise, you can expect to pay between $1 and $2 depending on how greedy your chosen retailer is. Eat up!

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