The Scope of ACCA and Keys to Success

If you are talking about the most prevalent and arduous banking sector programs, then it would be a shame not to mention ACCA. ACCA stands for “The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants” which is a leading international body of accountancy. ACCA is the largest growing qualification in the world with students covering over 170 countries. Almost more than 70% of the students want to get a qualification of ACCA but not all are lucky to get this degree as some lack charisma, dedication and vision.

ACCA comes second to CA and to be honest, students were found retaliating over this. It is often seen that CA takes over the opportunities and keeps a lead over ACCA. It is also stated by some that ACCA is an alternative to CA because of it being globally recognized and providing the luxury of easy syllabus as compared to CA.

The question that often catches our eyes is the “scope of ACCA”. There has been in recent year’s massive growth in economic activity requiring more and more accountants so it is not false to say that the scope of ACCA is not diminishing at all. Some spread false rumors that the scope of ACCA going down the rabbit hole. It is because of others failure, some don’t even give it a thought and drop out.

Let’s shed some light on the career options available for students after completing their ACCA degree. If one is done with all the examinations of ACCA, then following job types are available:

  • Auditor
  • Teacher
  • Banker
  • Senior Professor
  • Accountant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Account Manager and Executive
  • Finance Executive
  • Consultancy or Counselling Firms etc.

Experts are of the notion that ACCA is not as easy as it sounds but than what is? If one is willing to achieve great goals then hard work and dedication is the key. Let’s focus on some other key facts that would lead you to your success and if one happens to possess these, then a rising career is inevitable.

  • Be Enthusiastic – Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
  • Take a chance – Take a chance, you never know how perfect something might turn out to be.
  • Learn from your and others mistakes – Any man can make mistakes, but only and idiot persists in his error (Marcus Tullius Cieero).
  • Everything one does, sends a message – Everything you do sends a message about who you are and what you value (Michael Josephson).
  • Persistence – Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in (Bill Bradley).
  • Attitude – You attitude will determine you altitude (Benjamin Kepner).

So you should not blindly follow the false rumors and neglect your passion of becoming an accountant. Though, qualification of ACCA is not a walk in the park but once you manage to clear all the exams, success and shining future is all you would be left with. ACCA is an important qualification because it is recognized worldwide. It offers flexibility and great competency. ACCA is a cost-effective way of getting your hands on profound knowledge.

Source by Aliza Justin

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