What Is an Electric Bike?

If you are interested in finding out as much as possible on one of the latest technological innovations, here are a few things to make you understand what this increasingly popular concept is all about. More and more electric bikes are sold every day and winning the hearts of the people who like physical activity, but also like comfort and saving money.

An electric bicycle (or an electrically assisted pedal bicycle, EAPC, as it is known in English) is a quite regular bicycle, but which has the advantage of working on an electric motor, which powers it. The pedal assist bicycles are also included among electric bikes, these having a small motor which powers it and therefore, supports your ride. The real electric bikes have a motor integrated in the front or in the back and also feature a bigger battery charger. The charger is usually set on the trunk of the bicycle or on the back wheel. The electric bikes which have the charger on the back wheel are even more advantageous, as they have a higher degree of efficiency, the force of traction being higher.

Manufacturers have adapted to the trend and now offer conversion kits for regular bicycles, which convert them to electric bikes. The largest conversion kit manufacturer is the Canadian BionX, which is also a supplier for renowned brands, such as KTM. Such a kit consists of a package with a back hub, a charger and a device which displays the most important data: speed, energy level of the battery, pedal assist system and so on. This can be easily installed and it converts the bike almost immediately. Depending on the model of the hub, this system can offer a range of up to eighty kilometres per hour and an assistance level of up to four hundred percent. The high level of energy supplied by the charger is proportional with its size and therefore, with its weight, too. The charger can weigh between one kilogram and a half up to four kilograms.

If you are concerned about the weight of the system, we also have to take into consideration the weight of the hub, which can reach 4.7 kg and provide a five hundred watt power.

Such a conversion kit for electric bikes ranges from three hundred euros to seven hundred euros.

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