Meade ETX 105 Review

This Meade etx 105 review will give you some insight into what a particular camera and telescope expert had to speak of regarding Meade etx telescopes. Let’s see what this Meade etx 105 review tells us.

Costing $879.00, the Meade etx 105 review is evaluated by a astronomy expert. He also explains information about the ETX-90AT and the ETX-125AT. All of these models are designed according to the consistent Meade ETX idea of constructing an extremely superior telescope that is managed electronically.

He explains that the Meade etx 105 has a convenient automatic GOTO celestial finder which uses its Autostar brand computer controller. The Meade etx styles are the only brand providing this in its price range. These models are easy to use and have a short learning curve.

Our telescope professional also reveals in his Meade etx 105 review that the etx 105, 90, and 125 styles come assembled and you can use them right away. These three models are equipped with the 4000 Series Meade Super Plossl eyepiece. He says the eyepiece is 48x and 26mm for the etx 105.

Finally he concluded his Meade etx 105 review by praising the telescope’s deluxe tripod, which makes the etx 105 have rigid mounting while you are looking into the night sky.

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