Great Christmas Ideas for a Man

Stumped for some ideas for that Christmas gift for you Father, Husband, Brother or Son or Partner this Christmas? Why not give them a really distinctive present this year. It’s really not that hard, first its best if you have an idea of what general activities and types of gifts the men in your life like. There are several main categories of Christmas gifts for a man that come to mind:

  • Events and Activities for men
  • Personal Christmas Gift Ideas for a Man
  • Executive and Cool Christmas Present Ideas for a Man
  • Hobby Christmas Gift Ideas for a Man

Events and Activity Days out as Christmas Gifts for men

You know that us Men are all still boys inside! so how about giving your loved ones a fantastic day out doing one of those activities that all men would love to try but often don’t get the chance. How about giving a your man a really unique Christmas gift experience with a gift voucher for one of these activities this Christmas.

Driving Days

Get them a really Let the men in your life brush up on those driving skills with a distinctive Christmas gift of professional driving lessons. It could choose either:

  • Rally driving
  • Race car driving
  • Off Road Training

Having Fun Driving

Or let those guys of yours have real fun with a creative Christmas present weekend of:

  • Tank driving
  • Go kart driving
  • Off Road training
  • Steam train journeys
  • Classic Car driving
  • Skid Control lessons

Flying and Lessons

What a Christmas gift for your man. There is nothing better than the feeling of exhilaration you get when you are flying. When my wife booked an airplane flying lesson for me as a Christmas gift for me, it was so great that I got the instructor to take her on a flight lesson immediately afterwards – she loved it as well!

  • Gliding
  • Aeroplane flying
  • Helicopter flights


Whether its messing about on the river or power boating across the sea a days sailing is a Christmas present many men would die for. Why not give your special man a truly inspiring Christmas present with a:

  • Fishing weekend
  • Sailing weekend
  • Power boating lesson
  • Land yachting day

Action Events

Is your man the Action Man type? Always good fun and a great Christmas present for all are action events such as:

  • Stunts training
  • Paintball
  • Sky diving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Snowboarding day

Sports Events Tickets and Lessons

Do the men in your life have a sport as a passion. Great, how about giving them a Christmas gift of some tickets or lessons for:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Baseball,
  • Golf
  • Learning to Swim

Outdoors Activities

Do your men need more exercise after Christmas and the New year! get them a great outdoors present for post Christmas activity, How about some lessons in:

  • Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Falconry
  • Horse riding

Relaxation Breaks at a Hotel or Club

OK, so if Christmas is usually a bit of a Trauma. Why not treat them and you as well, unwind with a relaxing Christmas gift break at a hotel or country club an you can start the year off with a:

  • Golf break
  • Spa break
  • Tennis weekend
  • Cookery course
  • Food and Wine tasting
  • Massage and Holistic treatments

Personal Christmas Gift Ideas for a Man

Coming closer to home for great Christmas Gifts ideas for a man, there are lots of Gift ideas for men that can allow you to give you a distinctive gift for you father, husband brother son or relative. Why not try getting them a personal Christmas present such as:

  • Mens Wallets and accessories such as pen knives and mini torches
  • A mans Monogrammed Bathrobe
  • Dvd’s
  • Games for Xbox or Playstation
  • Cologne for men
  • Expresso machine – let him be the man in the Kitchen
  • Palm pilot or PDA
  • Clothing for Him
  • Smart silver or gold mens Cuff Links
  • CD player
  • Portable DVD player
  • Video mp3 jukebox
  • Flash drive or other geeky mens toys
  • Electronic poker for him
  • Mans Activity watch
  • Binoculars
  • Good book or book tokens for books on Sport, Hobbies or Crime Trillers

Office Gifts and Cool Christmas Present Ideas for a Man

There are literally Hundreds of office gifts and executive Christmas gifts you can buy for a man. Perhaps the first thing to do is decide Does the man in question prefer a gift that is an Executive office toy as a Christmas present or will he perhaps appreciate a Geeky Christmas present. Either way there are loads of distinctive and unique gifts that you can choose from, such as

  • Executive toys, always great Christmas gifts for men of all ages
  • USB plug ins: hamster wheel! computer vac, coffee cup warmer for that more Geeky Christmas present for your partner, brother or son.
  • Beer on demand fridge / cooler, a great Christmas present for the man in your life
  • Remote control key locators, you know we are forgetful
  • Multiple gadget charging station, Make his life easier this Christmas
  • Waterproof shower radios
  • Name a Star, What a fantastic Christmas present that will last forever for your man
  • Buy and Acre of Mars, Give your man a really unique gift that he can check up on from time to time via the internet or telescope!

Hobby Christmas Gift Ideas for a Man

Most men like hobbies so getting a man a Christmas gift to go with his hobby is always going to be a winner, although it is worth doing some gentle research though to ensure that what you choose is appropriate to his level of interest or ability. Great hobby gifts for a man include:

  • Gardening organiser, gardening tools, gardening diary or gardening CD’s are a great gift to get your man going in the garden after the Christmas festivities are over.
  • Microbrew beer kits are a gift that will keep him busy until next Christmas!
  • Ecospheres for home, these small, glass, totally self sufficient living environments are a great gift that will provide hours of entertainment from Christmas onwards.
  • Family name history book. Let your man start to chart the family history.
  • Home CD jukebox – for playing all those Christmas CD’s he received as presents.
  • Car cleaning tools, Men just love there cars so give them a gift that gives them an excuse to get out and start polishing this Christmas vacation.

Well I hope this list gives you some great ideas for finding unique and distinctive ideas for your present buying this Christmas. All the Best and have Fun!

Source by Richard Hellyer

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