Have Extreme Fun With a Bungee Trampoline

A trampoline is a device which generally consists of a metal frame and a taut piece of material stretched over the frame, and connected to the frame often by coiled springs. The trampoline is used for jumping and, if it’s large enough, tumbling. There are quite a few different varieties of trampolines available in the marketplace today. One kind of trampoline that’s actually gaining in reputation is the bungee trampoline.

Bungee trampolines are the brand new rage in the extreme sports arena. However, these unique trampolines aren’t your average, run of the mill jumping machines which you’ve seen in suburban backyards for years. A bungee trampoline is somewhat of a hybrid between a regular trampoline and a bungee jumping apparatus. It combines the joy and excitement of jumping on a trampoline with the thrill of a bungee jump, but is relatively safe, since it’s used under the supervision of professionals. These devices enable jumpers to experience much greater rebounds than recreational trampolines provide. They allow you to bounce fairly high into the air, much higher than you normally would on a regular trampoline.

There are many different types of bungee trampolines available on the market, but most work the same way. This particular type of trampoline combines a trampoline bouncing surface with bungee cords to provide an exhilarating jumping experience. It has a metal support structure with raised metal bars. You are tied to the harness between each of the bars by bungee cords.

Bungee trampolines are most frequently found at amusement parks, zoos, water parks, or other similar types of locations. Because of the safety aspect, they are not generally offered to regular consumers. Nevertheless, there is a way for the average consumer to get their hands on one – namely by renting. Take into account though that ample space will be required to set it up, and it may be pretty costly.

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