Cricut Cartridge Review For the Winter Collection Snow Friends 2009-2010

This Cricut cartridge has got to be one of the top 10 cartridges that just puts a smile on your face when you see these little snow friends. Snow Friends is a collection of only 10 snowmen with an outfit for each. But do not get discouraged. Even though there are only 10 snowmen to choose from, remember that you can make them all different sizes, and dress them in different color clothing and accessories.

Since this is a mini cartridge, it does not come with a booklet like the other full Cricut cartridges. But it does have a cardboard insert that shows each snow friend on one side and the other side explains how to put them all together.

If you have some pictures of you or your family members playing in the snow, building a snowman or even having a snowball fight, then this is the cartridge that will enhance your scrapbook layout. You can even dress the snow friend in the same color sweater and scarf that you are wearing in the picture.

Another great idea is to make a Snow Family and give it as a framed gift. Making snow parents and there children. How fun would that make your special someone feel knowing that you put some time and effort into a holiday gift.

If you have a Cricut Expression machine you can even make a Snowman that will fit onto your 12×24 inch cutting mat and decorate and hang on your door for the holiday season. If you need to make a sign for your school or church that is having a holiday bake sale you can make these cute snow friends to hold that sign, again using your Cricut Expression making a large snowman. If you like Snowmen then you will definitely love this Snow Friends Cricut cartridge.

Source by Joan Koeppel

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