LED Emergency Lighting Solutions

Emergency lighting has undergone great changes in the last few decades with the developments in LED light systems. They have a lot of plus points to their credit – they are cost effective, energy efficient, smaller, brighter, run cool, and last longer. LED is also a greener alternative to non-rechargeable battery operated solutions. They are also highly adaptable, making them suitable in a wide range of applications compared with conventional sources of lighting.

Emergency lights are used when the normal power supply fails or is unavailable. The use of emergency lights occurs during a power failure, as well as during natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, floods and other disasters, where emergency lighting is used not only for regular lighting needs but to aid in rescue activities.

LED is a light-emitting diode that glows when a voltage is applied. LEDs run for longer one less power than conventional sources of light such as incandescent bulbs because they produce less heat and therefore don’t wear out easily. They also use only a fraction of the power used by conventional sources of light.

LED emergency lights have different uses. They can be used as warning lights and can also illuminate the area for emergency operations or rescue missions. For example if a building is to be evacuated, the exits should be well lit to facilitate evacuation, and the surroundings also should be illuminated. LED lights do not heat up and are easy to handle.

In the case of a vehicle break down at night, LED lights are quite handy. They can be placed on the dashboard or at the back of a vehicle as a warning light if used in strobe mode. An LED tube can also easily be held by hand to change a flat tire or to check hard to reach areas, such as the underside of a vehicle.

LED emergency lights have other uses also. Power failure is a huge inconvenience at the home or office. Bright LED lights light up the rooms effectively and can be used in the kitchen, study, garage and other parts of the house. They make excellent reading lights. LED lights can also be used in offices to provide temporary lighting. Some models can be dimmed to the required brightness. Having an LED ready means there’s no need to light up candles or search for flashlights. They are also durable and low maintenance. In places where power cuts are common, LED emergency lights can provide long hours of much needed back up light.

LED emergency lights can also be used for outdoor recreation such as hiking, cycling and camping. LED lights will make these activities safe and enjoyable. They are an absolute must have for any outdoor activity kit.

Quality rechargeable LED lights last up to 50 hours on one charge. With portable LED lights, you are always well prepared for an emergency. For more information about LED applications visit: http://www.baskblade.com

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