Time to Wake Up

Remember the time when timepieces used to be the in-thing. There were cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, and others which gonged and banged every half hour. After the initial fad was over, you would probably shut off the sound system rather than listen to the banging every thirty minutes. After this came compact clocks with in-built alarm systems, which helped you wake up at the appointed time. You needed to wind it up and keep turning the alarm screw over and over so that you would reach the time you were seeking. Internet clock has now replaced all these ancient methods of waking timers and buzzers.

When you think about waking up to catch up on your exercise before leaving for work or want to wake up early to finish up an important assignment, you need a wake-up call. Almost every household in today’s generation owns a laptop, an Internet connection to go with it, and definitely speakers to listen to songs and music albums. When you have all these paraphernalia, you do not need to get a clock. Instead opt for the Internet clock, which is ready and set to be at your beck and call.

Manual alarms need to be set. You have to activate it every time you go to bed. Now imagine one night you were out late and forgot to set it up. You might have partied late night and had an extra drink or two, you might be in no way capable of remembering if you set the timer or even to sit and wrestle with it in your condition.

The Internet clock once set is saved in your system. You do not need to keep resetting it again and again. It will save your features, favored time of waking up, play the most beautiful melodies if that is your thing or music from your favorite band. With all these features do you really need the old clock to keep you company?

Some Things To Keep In Mind

When you find that your Internet clock has managed to trick you and not woken you up at the desired time, then it only means that you might have forgotten to set it up properly.

– Test if your audio settings have been programmed correctly.

– If the Internet connection has been disconnected by mistake.

– If your headphones are still plugged in after you used it last night.

– Check if the a.m./p.m. settings were changed (by your younger brother perhaps).

– Most importantly if the power connection was off.

When it is none of these things then there is something wrong with the timer and you need to send an email to the alarm site address.

All in all, an Internet clock can really change the way you look at wake-up calls. You do not need to download any software for the purpose. All you need to do is spend a minute saving the settings, selecting your call music and you are ready to start using your Internet clock. Remember the cute little daisy clock from the movie ‘Sister Act’ singing ‘Out of bed, you daisy-head’. Now you can have all that with lots of graphics and digital presentation thrown in to add that extra zing.

Source by Leann Gilliam

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