Blast Zone Release the Mega Series Line of Inflatables

Blast Zone, a leading manufacture of home use inflatables released a new series of inflatables for us to review today. Blast Zone is calling there new line the Mega Inflatables. The theory behind the Mega line is to take proven designs and concepts and make them bigger and better with larger capacities and more features. At first glance, they hit a home run. The first two inflatables in the Mega line that were released were the Shark Park Mega Play Park and the Mega Croc 13 in 1 Inflatable Water Park. Both of these units are based on successful residential water slides that Blast Zone has had for three plus years. This mega versions of the original designs are truly that.

The Shark Park Mega Play Park evolved from the Great White Wild Inflatable Slide. The Great White is a double lane straight slide that is designed to have the kids slide out of the sharks mouth. The Shark Park takes this concept and makes the slide one aspect of this unit. This inflatable has it all. Kids climb up the sharks back, into the head and slide through the mouth down the slide into a splash pool area that can hold up to four kids. The splash pool area is approximately 10′ x 8′. On either side of the splash pool are water sprayers to keep the pool area cool for those hot summer days. Next to the slide and pool area is a bounce house with a bounce area of approximately 7′ x 6′. The bounce house can be entered either through the velcro opening of the safety net or through the tunnel that runs underneath the shark slide. Either entrance allows for a safe entry way. The bounce house can double as ball pit area as well. This inflatable has something for everyone.

The Mega Croc 13 in 1 Inflatable Water Park evolved from one of Blast Zones most popular water slides, the Crocodile Isle. The Crocodile Isle resemble a crocodile with a slide going down the head and a slide going down the slide with a pool area in front for the kids to play. Calling the Mega Croc “Mega” is an understatement. This is the Taj Mahal of residential water parks. The Mega Croc, like the Crocodile Isle, is based on a crocodile in which kids can slide down the head and the tail. The Mega Croc, however adds a third slide that runs down the leg of the crocodile. Both the head and tail slides enter in to splash pools for extended sliding. Kids climb up the backside of the crocodile. Once on top of the crocodiles back, kids can choose which of the three slides they would like to go down. Underneath the head and tail slides are tunnels that enter into two separate splash pools. This unit has a total of three pool area. If you are look for the ultimate water park, look no further.

Blast Zones existing inflatable line stood above the competition for quality and design. While it is obvious that Blast Zone improved the overall design with the Mega line of inflatables with all of the features, they also added additional commercial material to make these units even more durable. At the time of this publication, Blast Zone had not determined there warranty time period for the Mega inflatables, but is very likely it will be longer then the industry high 90 days they currently offer.

In summary, I am very impressed with the last inflatables to come from Blast Zone and am eager to see future Mega inflatables.

Source by Jenny Lee Belschner

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