Emotion Advantedge Kayak Review

The Emotion Advantedge Kayak is a popular model at the moment because of it’s value for money and the features it has. There are several good reasons this kayak would be good for you.

(1) There is lots of storage area behind the seat, in the side compartments beside the seat, and under the rear hatch

(2) It has a spacious cockpit area with lots of leg room, which allows entry into, and exit out of the kayak to be done easily. It also has adjustable foot rests to suit different leg lengths.

(3) The kayak has superb handling, and it is ideal for use on short or long trips, in lakes, rivers, and in the surf.

(4) It is easy to handle and load onto the car, as it has carry handles fitted to both ends.

(5) It can be fitted with a watertight spray skirt, if you are wanting to keep dry whist paddling, or for use in colder weather

If you are looking to buy a kayak that has ample storage, space and good handling, this would be a good option for you. It would be difficult to find a kayak that presents as better value for money than the Emotion Advantedge Kayak, and best of all, it has a three year warranty for piece of mind.

Kayaking is a great recreational sport to get involved in, and is enjoyable to do with family.When doing any from of water sport or recreation, it is important that you use correct safety gear.

Source by Stuart Grigsby

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