New Nerf Guns of 2010 – Deploy and Longstrike CS-6

The latest Nerf guns of 2010 take on more distance and banish the darkness with new designs and added features. Maximum ranges get longer and convertible blasters have more power than ever. Both introductions are sure to impress Nerf fanatics worldwide.

For an astounding weapon with incredible range choose the latest Nerf inspiration, the N Strike Longstrike CS6. With a barrel extension this bright blue, air powered blaster stretches to more than three feet in length. Darts take down targets from up to 35 feet away, more than any other Nerf gun out there.

Seek out and hit your target with the help of a flip-up sight and tactical rails. Keep your distance and engage the enemy with this long range weapon, using the barrel extender included to maximize your advantage.

For rapid fire use the quick-reload clip included or add another onto the blaster for even more speed. The long range, accurate CS6 comes with six Click-System darts, the clip, barrel extension and sight. You’ll have everything to need to be battle ready.

For an inventive and awesome weapon, look to the N Strike Deploy CS6. One of the Nerf guns of 2010 that you must have, the Deploy can be easily converted to a flashlight allowing you to penetrate the darkness and discover the enemies presence. The pump-handled blaster is then transformed back into a weapon to attack the exposed target in quick succession.

Complete with one quick-reload clip and a handy carry strap, the Deploy CS6 is the weapon of choice for many Nerf fans. Three triple-A batteries deliver the juice to power the flashlight and the standard six Click-System darts are included.

Source by Ray Manuel

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