Padma’s Plantation Espresso Club Chair Review

The Espresso Abaca, wicker rattan, and Mahogany Club Chair is classic quality done right. Looking for a wicker rattan chair that is roomy, comfortable, and strong? Then Padma’s Plantation Espresso Club Chair is the choice for you. Here’s why.

This is a very handsome and durable chair. Padma’s Plantation use abaca twist and rattan seating in the making of this wicker rattan chair. If you know anything about abaca, you know that it is a very strong fiber that is harvested from the stems and leaves of plants that are cousin to banana plants. Rattan is considered indestructible by the furniture industry. The frame of this chair is very sturdy, made of government certified, plantation grown hardwood. The legs are pure mahogany. So its safe to say this chair will be apart of your family for generations to come. This is a chair for lovers of quality and durability while not having to compromise visual attractiveness.

For eco-friendly lovers, This wicker rattan chair is certified by the SFC and Padma’s Plantation is a Green Manufacturer. The Padma’s Plantation Espresso Club Chair pricing is determined by whatever fabric you choose for the cushion.

The cushion is removable and measures 23 by 22 inches. The overall measurements of this chair is 33 inch high, by 33 inches wide, by 35.5 inches deep and comes completely assembled for immediate enjoyment and relation! Don’t you love it when there is no assembly required?! The craftsmanship of this chair is truly appealing and sturdy.

Source by Shalah Beckinghart

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