What Jewelry Symbolizes

Even in the beginning of time, jewelry has been used by many cultures to express their beliefs, way of life, or symbolize their race differently. It is also used a symbol of a certain groups or religions, to differentiate themselves from other beliefs or groups. Before silver and gold were made into accessories, they used bones and stones to represent what group of people they belong to. Now, there are many available metals from which these could be made from. In this day and age, jewelry is often used as symbols especially that of religions, like Christians. One look and you will know what a certain person believes in, before he or she will say anything. But even way back, jewelry for Christians has always been symbolic and spiritual.

Jewelry nowadays come in many different shapes and sizes, however, they still do the same thing: they symbolize. They signify your rank, wealth, superstitions, and beliefs. And for the Christians, the most popular one is the cross. The cross is where Jesus was nailed to and died, and can be often found in most churches and ornaments pertaining to the faith. There is also the Christian fish, which was the secret code used in the time after Christ’s death when the Christians were under persecution. This came about when a unique code was used to avoid detection. One person would draw a semi circle with his feet and would expect the other one to finish the other half, which is a sign that the other one is also a Christian.

Today, however, anyone can freely express his or her beliefs in however fashion he wants. It can come in many ways, most often of which come in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, and other ornaments. These also perform not just one but many functions, and one such function come in the form of Christian rings. A good example would be wedding rings, which are not limited to Christianity, chastity or purity rings, or even rings for a certain sect or group which want to make themselves identified.

Presently, these symbols of faith and conviction are also expressed artfully using different metals and precious stones. They can come in either gold, silver, platinum and diamonds are some of the most common used. The most beautiful thing about jewelry is that even though they may are used to identify with a group or belief, they are still very individualized, making known your uniqueness among the crowd. You belong, yet at the same time you stand out. It’s like sharing part of yourself to others, yet still being the only one in your sense of style or fashion in jewelry.

Jewelry is used for many occasions and may signify a lot of things. It is an expression, and religion is also a form of expression – of what we believe in, that is – but no matter what we wear, we should always be true to what symbols we wear to represent what we believe in.

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